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Gestational Diabetes Support Group

Being diagnosed with gestational diabetes can cast a shadow over the joy of pregnancy, leading to feelings of guilt, isolation, and concerns about health and delivery. “Thriving with GD: Navigating Gestational Diabetes Together,"  is a virtual peer support group that offers emotional support and a safe space for pregnant people facing this challenge. This group focuses on the emotional and psychological aspects of dealing with gestational diabetes, beyond nutritional advice or medical treatment, aiming to uplift and empower women through shared experiences and understanding.

Topics We Will Cover Include:

  • Processing the diagnosis: Handling emotions and overcoming guilt

  • Enjoying your pregnancy: Finding joy amidst the challenges

  • Communication with healthcare providers: Feeling heard and supported

  • Building a support system: Connecting with others who understand

  • Empowering self-care: Balancing health with emotional well-being

Why Join This Group?

  • Share your journey and feelings in a judgment-free space

  • Learn from others how to navigate emotional challenges and find joy

  • Feel supported and understood by a community of pregnant people who get it

I invite you to join this nurturing and supportive environment. Together, we'll share experiences, offer encouragement, and provide emotional support to each other on this unique journey through pregnancy with GD.

This support group is currently limited to participants in Massachusetts, Maine, and Illinois.

Enrollment is on a rolling basis, and is limited to 10 participants at any one time. Thriving with GD is hosted on a subscription-based platform called Forum. Click here to learn more and join the group!

Flyer Available Here

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